Tips for Completing the DRDP (2015) Required Training Activities for Special Education

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Thank you for participating in the required training activities for the DRDP (2015) for special education. We appreciate the time you are giving to increase your skills in using the DRDP (2015) assessment and in using the results. In order to have an engaging and successful learning experience, we recommend using the following strategies.

Getting started

If you do not have an account in DRAccessLearn:

  • Begin by registering for online training in our Learning Center at Use one of the recommended internet browsers to go to the Learning Center: Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.
  • When you create your account, take great care to enter your email address accurately—errors will prevent you from returning to the system.
  • Once you register you will receive a confirmation email with important guidelines about the online course.

Taking the course

Tips for the online course:

  • When completing the courses, read the instructions on all screens carefully and be sure to click on each item on the screen as directed in order to advance to the next screen.
  • If you complete a module within a course and the next one does not appear in the MY ACTIVE COURSES box on your dashboard, click on “My Dashboard” in the left-hand blue menu to refresh your screen for the next module.
  • If you are taking the course, “Using the DRDP (2015) for Special Education” this year, keep in mind when completing the rating practices and Demonstration of Rating Skills exercises to click on the green oval to indicate the developmental level you chose and then click SUBMIT to assure your correct rating is credited.
  • You can complete all of the modules at one sitting or you can complete as many as you’d like and then return to continue. However, we strongly recommend that you complete any given module in one sitting rather than logging out before completing that module.

Staying in touch

If you have further questions: contact us at (800) 673-9220 or